Could You Have a Male Repeat That Suggestion?

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10 Words for Each Girl to Learn [Article]

I was so impressed by the linked  article   by Soraya Chamaly, which  a friend shared on Facebook. Employing telling personal anecdotes supplemented by research, the author paints a vivid picture of  women’s voices being ignored  in a male world.   “A woman, speaking clearly and out loud, can say something that no one appears to hear, only to have a man repeat it minutes, maybe seconds later, to accolades and group discussion.”

Reading the article, I saw a reflection of my law school experience, some 10 years ago.  Classes were 50% women, yet discussions unfailingly took on a male-oriented, competitive tone.  Women students’ contributions were diminished until they simply declined to play the game.

In addition to the obvious limiting of women’s horizons, excluding or belittling women’s voices impoverishes our culture and ossifies its thinking.  As social problems prove resistant to the traditional male solutions, this is a deficit that we can clearly no longer afford.

If you like this article, you might also be interested in my short (I promise!) essay on Katniss Everdeen’s social/political significance.
“Solicitous to those most in need of solace, yet entirely capable of the hunter/warrior’s resolve, Katniss’ character suggests a renewal for our ailing spirit in politics.”


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