Photo Challenge, Cover Art: Mozart, the Pristine Piano Concerto

Mozart’s piano concerto #21 is to a fall evening’s mood as a pristine stream is to a summer’s day.  The piano opens as a “brilliant, quixotic protagonist,” one reviewer wrote,  which does not enter the scene readily, but instead “waits to be coaxed.”  Throughout, Mozart’s characteristic elegance and poise shines, transporting a listener to a place serene.

Photo Challenge:  Cover Art

Huron National Forest

Pine River, Huron National Forest, Michigan

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge, Cover Art: Mozart, the Pristine Piano Concerto

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    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      I’m not that familiar with Bach, although I do like the Brandenburg Concertos and Sheep May Safely Graze. Oh, wait…there’s also a fugue or two. I guess I’m just going to have to visit youtube for that Prelude, based on your recommendation. 🙂


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