3 thoughts on “Saturday Erikson: Loved as One with Special Gifts

  1. freudandfashion

    i really must venture beyond the readings required in med school and residency…all i know of erikson are the stages of psychosocial development, which i had to memorize over and over again for exams and boards. i must look into this book toys and reasons 🙂

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    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      I’m sure you would like Toys and Reasons. Erikson was a prolific author and wrote some books with a more clinical orientation. Childhood and Society, e.g. These might seem dated to you, I don’t know. But, Toys and Reasons is more impressionistic (Erikson was originally an artist), and touches more on societal aspects of psychoanalysis. I really liked the chapter on Einstein. He also wrote an interesting psycho-biography of Gandhi.

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