Cee’s Fun Fotos: Clouds Coasting and Mirrored

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:  Clouds

On a lazy July afternoon, the bonus is clouds times two: coasting on a blue sky and mirrored in the river.  In the still air, memories surface that I can sense, but not quite touch.

au sable river, michigan

Au Sable River, Michigan


19 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Fotos: Clouds Coasting and Mirrored

  1. shanakant

    Beautiful photos! Nice weather you’re having, huh? It’s been raining here in South Florida, though I don’t mind it. This is my time to read and write. 🙂


    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      Is that a metaphor in your comment? I thought so. Many memories of that place and time have become clearer over the last couple summers, much to my enrichment. I remember reading a story of Freud recounting an important memory of his youth, ending something like this: Now, you can understand why this memory has visited me so often. I always liked the idea of significant memories as visitors. So, it seems to me when I travel to Au Sable country.

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