Michigan’s back roads, where the clamor of urban life fades to be replaced by the sound of pine needles crunching underfoot–and  a harmony with Creation.

Pigeon River forest

Pigeon River forest

9 thoughts on “Harmony

      1. Rebecca Grace

        Thank you, Tom. 🙂 Yes,i t is, close anyway… it’s a little farther northwest. My daughter lives in that area and we hiked along the river there a few months ago.


    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      that’s a very interesting observation. in the 1970s, i did work summers at several auto plants around detroit while i was going to school. each of those factories is now closed. so, it’s a good question why i would avoid photographing those types of settings. i don’t have an “answer,” but i’ll think about it this weekend and let you know what occurs to me. thanks VERY MUCH for your question. 🙂

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