Shinrin-Yoku, Michigan


is a Japanese word meaning, literally, “forest bathing,” and it refers to the therapeutic effects of time spent in the woods.  We’re very familiar with this concept in MIchigan, though I  don’t think we have such a cool word for it.  These particular trees are in Hartwick Pines state park.  They’re old growth and have never been logged.

Hartwick Pines state park, Michigan

Hartwick Pines state park, Michigan


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    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      This is one of the few places in Michigan where the trees have never been cut. The lumber industry was very big in Michigan 100 years ago. But, the trees at Hartwick Pines are up to 400 years old and many are over 100 feet tall. It’s quite a special place!

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      1. Tom Schultz Post author

        When I was younger, Detroit was the most industrialized city in the U.S. I couldn’t guess how many automotive factories there were–maybe 100 in Detroit and many more in other Michigan cities. Now, most are closed. Although Detroit still builds cars, the city has fallen on hard times. The nature scenes are mostly 200 or so miles north of here, which is easily accessible on our freeways.

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