A Wary Defendant

While doing legal research, I ran across the case of Hunter v Doe,
65 Mich Appeals 465 (1975).  This photo shows the defendant, I believe.

Matthaei Gardens, Michigan


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      1. Tom Schultz Post author

        Not exactly. Jurisdiction refers to a court’s authority over a defendant. In the U.S., it’s usually a question of whether a state like Michigan can exercise jurisdiction over a defendant, which depends upon the defendant’s contacts with the state (does he live there, does the business operate there, etc.). There was no question of jurisdiction since all the defendants lived in Michigan. The question was venue, or which court in Michigan was the most convenient (where did the assault take place, where are the witnesses, etc.).

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  1. Tom's Nature-up-close Photography and Mindfulness Blog

    I’m a vegetarian, and am retired; but when i was very young, i worked — for a little while — in the state of Michigan. The company gave the employees a week off (all at once, and apparently this happened every year) just to go deer hunting. When I quit, it was around Thanksgiving and they offered me a complimentary gift — a turkey — which i refused. 🙂

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    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      That time off for hunting used to be a tradition at a number of Michigan companies. Not so common anymore. This doe probably doesn’t have to worry; no hunting where I spotted her. So, she let me get pretty close for this pic.


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