Photo Challenge: The Coming Ascent of Spring

Winter in Michigan has been fairly mild this year, yet in the midst of grey and brown we wait expectantly for the gradual appearance of green.  So it is in life, though the renewal of spring may occasionally make a surprise visit, popping up without foreshadowing.  It is then most appreciated.


Photo Challenge:  Seasons

Newburgh Lake, Michigan

Newburgh Lake, Michigan

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: The Coming Ascent of Spring

  1. sustainabilitea

    I’m starting to be ready for spring myself, but I still enjoy a good snow, at least until the end of the month. March is officially the start of spring to me, at least in my mind. 🙂



    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      Except for 2012, it never gets green here until first week of April. In 2012, it was appropriately green by St. Patrick’s Day. This winter has been very mild, so we can hope for an early arrival of spring!

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