Photo Challenge: Swans–Double Beauty in a Rippled Mirror

While last weekend I had a chance to see trumpeter swans in the wilderness of northern Michigan, these are the mute swans common closer to my home in Detroit.  Either species is a symbol of grace, and lends an air of serenity to a lake.

“There’s a double beauty whenever a swan swims on a lake with her double thereon.”
–Thomas Hood

Photo Challenge:  Mirror 

Newburgh Lake, Michgian

Newburgh Lake, Michgian


8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Swans–Double Beauty in a Rippled Mirror

  1. Tom Schultz Post author

    Thanks very much! Until this year, I never would have thought of taking pictures of swans, though they’re numerous on the lakes around here. Now, I appreciate better how beautiful and graceful they are. Changes in perception can be surprising–to me especially!


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