Photo Challenge: Structures and Melodies in a Natural Fairyland

From the High Banks of the Au Sable River, 300 stairs built by the US Forest Service descend to a natural fairyland of springs bubbling out of the hillside and hurrying on their course to the river.  To prevent soil erosion and to span the brooks, the Forest Service also built a wooden stairway threading among the stately pines.

Photo Challenge:  Structure  


The soft sound of springs rushing to the river plays a background melody…

…and sunlight sifts like gossamer through the forest canopy.


19 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Structures and Melodies in a Natural Fairyland

    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      It is open year-round, though the stairs might be a little slippery in the winter. This weekend was a holiday here, and this place was crowded with families. There’s something about the sound of the springs and the light filtering through the high tree branches that makes it seem magical!

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  1. Rupali

    As I said before, this is great initiative. Keeping the natural resources and at the same time allowing people to be part of it. Thank you Tom for this wonderful photo gallery. And comments.

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