Photo Challenge: Ascending to the Light

Photo Challenge:  Ascend 


The Ascent, from the cool of the shadows to the numinous light

The view below…Nature, an intimate friend

Au Sable River, Michigan

The view from above…Away you rolling river

Huron National Forest

Au Sable River, MIchigan

14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Ascending to the Light

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    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      Closer to Tawas than Mio. The stairway is at Lumberman’s Monument, which is about 10 miles inland from Tawas. The next two shots were taken at Iargo Springs, which is just a couple miles down the road from the Monument. I often drive from the Monument to Grayling, via Mio. A beautiful drive, especially in summer.


      1. Becky Michael

        I’ve been to both spots, of course, although I believe the stairs have been updated since I’ve been there. Yes, that area is beautiful in the summer! The hilly roads around Mio in the winter were a bit scary, though.

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