WPC Ever Vigilant: Deer amidst the Parade of Seasons

Deer through the seasons in my corner of Michigan.  They are always curious, but ever vigilant.  For the photographer, this translates into having a few seconds to capture them in an alert pose, muscles taut, before they bolt into the woods.

Photo Challenge:   Variations on a Theme


Kensington Park, Michigan

matthaei gardens ann arbor michigan


7 thoughts on “WPC Ever Vigilant: Deer amidst the Parade of Seasons

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    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      Thanks very much! The natural curiosity of deer is the photographer’s friend. If you’re lucky, they will stand still, if only for a few moments, to check out this human visitor to their residence. 🙂 Then, they’ll bolt into the woods, giving you the added pleasure of seeing how beautifully they run.

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