WPC: Pristine Streams and an Alcove of Memories

Pine River in northern Michigan  has been a favorite spot for me since visiting as a boy, with my grandparents on summer vacations.   The gentle melody of water rushing over the rocks still whispers  a memory from around the bend.  It’s also a place where you can take a diversion down a two-lane back road with the only sound the pine cones crunching under the tires.  And who knows?  You may meet a local resident while walking along a secluded path.

Photo Challenge:  Favorite Place  

Huron National Forest

Pine River, Michigan
Huron National Forest

Kensington Park, Michigan



16 thoughts on “WPC: Pristine Streams and an Alcove of Memories

    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      Deer have that great combination of curiosity and caution. The first makes them stop for a few moments so you can take their picture, and the second sends them bolting off into the woods so you get a glimpse of how beautifully they run. 🙂

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