Resilience and Renewal on Trial

Yesterday along Hines Drive, a roadway following the Rouge River’s course through suburban Detroit,   the grass was a brilliant green beneath an amiable sun.  Walkers and bikers frequented the paths, though we were  keeping a safe distance, while various harbingers of Spring chirped or trilled or quacked from the nearby wetlands.  Sorely tried at present, the faith of renewal remains alive.

A prayer for our beleaguered health care workers in the Detroit area, as they wage the battle on behalf of us all.  This cup, too, shall pass from you; we can only hope soon.

3 thoughts on “Resilience and Renewal on Trial

    1. Tom Schultz Post author

      We surely are under siege, especially the city of Detroit, but also the surrounding burbs. But, Spring has arrived–a little tentatively-and after the long, gray midwestern winter, that change always lifts people’s spirits.

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      1. Osyth

        Of all the silver linings I scrabble to find in the here and now, nature changing her seasonal clothes is surely the greatest gift. People start to smile again even if it is at a distance from one another. You are under siege and I feel for you all terribly. And helplessly. Which suit is very uncomfortable indeed.

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