Earth has Music: Allegro Vivace

The earth has music for those who listen.
George Santayana

On a frosty “Spring” day,  I am looking forward to return visits this summer to the great forests of northern Michigan.  The pristine Sturgeon River in this photo  sings a lively tune as it passes beneath a highway bridge.  I recall when I first looked on this scene in wonder  and listened to the rushing waters, and the serene l feeling of that memory returns.

Sturgeon River, Michigan

Sturgeon River, Michigan

5 thoughts on “Earth has Music: Allegro Vivace

  1. Osyth

    Now THAT is something wonderful to look forward to …. it snowed here this morning – nothing to stick but snow nonetheless and as I watched the flakes dancing I thought – Spring, I need you to turn to Summer now. I want that warmth, I want that feeling of absolute refreshment when I look at running water in Summer. Your picture and your poetic evocation of the music water plays does very nicely indeed until the seasons turn up the heat.

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