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Was there ever a time that I did not love writing? If so, I can’t remember back that far. A decade or so ago, along with other life changes, I started exploring fiction, memoirs, and creative nonfiction to complement my essays. For me, writing is always about the melody and the rhythm, as well as the light and the image. Around the same time, I went to law school as a “nontraditional” (read middle-aged) student. After a couple stressful days in an auditorium at Michigan State University, packed with 1,000 other folks taking a bar exam, I survived and joined the Michigan bar as a newbie lawyer. I have the opportunity to write a lot at the day job, but felt the need for a place to express more creativity than is allowed within the four corners of a legal brief, and to share my feelings with others. Voila! Blogging. When I began, I thought my posts would be all about writing. Serendipity is a gentle goddess, though, and I soon rediscovered my passion for photography. With the aid of my fellow bloggers, I have worked on presenting a vision and, hopefully, conveying a sense of spirit through pictures as well as words. Politics has always been my passion, but not what passes for politics in our time, poisoned as it is with partisan rancor. No thanks, not interested in that scene. Only as we as a society can reintroduce spirituality, in all its emanations and wonder, into the political process (in the broadest sense) can we really extricate ourselves from the swamp and find a path forward. And it would surely help if we could in our journey find faith between men and women, too. The arts suggest to us the hidden potential for change in society. In the distemper of these times, beauty can be subversive. In my writing and photos, I hope to evoke some of the spirit in my favorite art, of all forms.

Photo Challenge: Glow like Moments of Love

So it was that I found a summer afternoon’s glow might last through a gray winter, like moments of love called to mind during a long separation.

Photo Challenge:  Glow



Kensington Park, Michigan


Photo Challenge: This Venomous Guy Knows (ahem) Scales

I came upon the first rattlesnake I have ever seen in the wild while hiking at a local woods.  They are rare in Michigan; I usually associate them with the great deserts of the American Southwest.  Fortunately, this guy didn’t move a muscle while I was watching him.  Who better than a reptile to stand in for this week’s challenge: Scale(s)?

Photo Challenge: Scale  

Massasauga rattlesnake

Photo Challenge: Dwarfed by the Dunes of Lake Michigan

Along Lake Michigan’s leeward shore, the prevailing westerly winds have piled up immense sand dunes, which dwarf the humans who climb to their heights or saunter across them.

Photo Challenge:  Scale  

Warren Dunes and Lake Michigan

Warren Dunes and Lake Michigan

Warren Dunes, Lake Michigan

Photo Challenge: Your Passage to a Summertime Dream

On a summer Sunday afternoon, this weathered pedestrian  bridge is your passage from the marsh to Eastern hardwood forest.  The sunlight is dappled, the pace leisurely; the woods welcome a visitor.

Photo Challenge;  Pedestrian  


Kensington Park, Michigan

Photo Challenge: North Woods Footloose Pedestrian

The North Woods pedestrian, alert to the prevention of soil compaction and erosion, can use a walkway to visit an intimate locale of springs and brooks.

Photo Challenge:  Pedestrian 


Iargo Springs, Michigan

While there, stop to listen to the waterfalls…

iargo springs, Michigan

Iargo Springs, Michigan

and pause to contemplate the river which is the springs’ destination.

Au Sable River, Michigan