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Photo Challenge: Glow like Moments of Love

So it was that I found a summer afternoon’s glow might last through a gray winter, like moments of love called to mind during a long separation.

Photo Challenge:  Glow



Kensington Park, Michigan


Photo Challenge: Structures and Melodies in a Natural Fairyland

From the High Banks of the Au Sable River, 300 stairs built by the US Forest Service descend to a natural fairyland of springs bubbling out of the hillside and hurrying on their course to the river.  To prevent soil erosion and to span the brooks, the Forest Service also built a wooden stairway threading among the stately pines.

Photo Challenge:  Structure  


The soft sound of springs rushing to the river plays a background melody…

…and sunlight sifts like gossamer through the forest canopy.

Seven of the Best Epic Poems by Female Poets

I follow this blog and regularly find it opens new doors for me. Today’s post was especially interesting to me–and I hope to you.

Interesting Literature

The best epics by women

The IliadThe OdysseyParadise Lost – these are some of the titles that immediately spring to mind when we think of epic poetry. But this ignores the contributions made to epic poetry by women writers over the millennia. Here are seven of the best classic epic poems written by women.

Enheduanna, The Descent of Inanna. This is not just the oldest female epic; it’s the oldest work of poetry written by any named poet, male or female. Enheduanna was a Sumerian high priestess who lived in the 23rd century BC – that’s around 1,500 years before Homer. Enheduanna lived in the city of Ur (in modern-day Iraq), and was a priestess of the Sumerian moon god Nanna. This poem describes the goddess Inanna’s descent into the underworld – Inanna being the daughter of Nanna, and the Sumerian goddess of love…

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Photo Challenge, Security: Memories of Lazy July Afternoons

In long ago July days, security was the gentle  sound of water lapping at the shores of this Michigan river, where my grandparents’ love enfolded me during lazy summer vacations…

Photo Challenge:  Secure   

au sable river, michigan

Au Sable River, Michigan

or the busy sound of this brook rushing over rocks…


pine river, michigan

…or the crunch of gravel under tires on rustic back roads.

Pigeon River Forest, Michigan