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Photo Challenge: Glow like Moments of Love

So it was that I found a summer afternoon’s glow might last through a gray winter, like moments of love called to mind during a long separation.

Photo Challenge:  Glow



Kensington Park, Michigan


Ghosts in an Attic….Memories of Lake Superior

Lake Superior, Whitefish Bay

A late summer’s drive through the tractless forest  of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula led me to renew acquaintances with Lake Superior, following our separation of decades. On a remote beach, the smallest of waves lapped ashore, and the cobalt blue inland sea reached the horizon to the east and north. As ghosts from behind an attic door, wisps of memories slipped out. My thoughts returned to a train trip with my mother on the legendary Canadian Pacific Railway, and a boy staring in wonder into the inky black night, the great cliffs of the Canadian Shield brooding over Superior’s dark waters.  And of breakfasts in the dining car with white linen on the table and a waiter with a Quebec accent, the train wheels clattering over the rails, a small lake appearing suddenly out of the primeval forest, a ghostly mist rising off the dark brown water as gaunt pines watched. As quickly as they had surfaced, the boyhood memories disappeared back into the cobalt blue Superior, leaving the man to contemplate the years gone by and feel the spirit of renewal.

Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan

Photo Challenge: Others May Wait; Herons Wade


Waiting?  Oh, these feathered friends thought you said Wading!  For humans, wading season is just about over in Michigan.  But, I’m sure it will last longer for avians, though they will no doubt be waiting for the return of Spring.

Photo Challenge:  Waiting 


Kensington Park Michigan

Lake Huron, Michigan

Photo Challenge: Structures and Melodies in a Natural Fairyland

From the High Banks of the Au Sable River, 300 stairs built by the US Forest Service descend to a natural fairyland of springs bubbling out of the hillside and hurrying on their course to the river.  To prevent soil erosion and to span the brooks, the Forest Service also built a wooden stairway threading among the stately pines.

Photo Challenge:  Structure  


The soft sound of springs rushing to the river plays a background melody…

…and sunlight sifts like gossamer through the forest canopy.

Photo Challenge, Structure: Away, You Rolling River

The U.S. Forest Service has built this structure among the pines at the High Banks of the Au Sable River, which allows access to the cove  a few hundred stairs below.

Photo Challenge:  Structure  


Stopping points provide a window to the river…

Au Sable River

Au Sable River, Michigan

and this tranquil scene awaits at the base.

au sable river, michigan

Au Sable River, Michigan

For the hardy climber, there is a natural  alternative to using the structure.

Memories and the River of Time

I sat there and forgot and forgot, until what remained was the river that went by and I who watched… Eventually the watcher joined the river, and there was only one of us. I believe it was the river.

Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It

pigeon river, michigan

Pigeon River forest, Michigan

Sacred Radiance of the Sun

For by the sacred radiance of the sun.

–William Shakespeare

The slanting rays of  approaching dusk lend a glow to the trees in Hartwick Pines forest  in northern Michigan.  Summer is declining, with autumn just over the horizon.

Hartwick Pines