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Shinrin Yoku in Michigan


is a Japanese word meaning, literally, “forest bathing,” and it refers to the therapeutic effects of time spent in the woods.  We’re very familiar with this concept in MIchigan, though I  don’t think we have such a cool word for it.  These particular trees are in Hartwick Pines state park.  They’re old growth and by a happenstance  have never been logged.

Hartwick Pines, Michigan

Summer Sojourn

Au Sable River, Michigan

I found this place secluded, where the shallows stretch almost from shore to shore, and the reeds emerge from their aquatic hiding place to wave in the warm sunlight.  I’ve been friends with this river since I was a boy, but as the coasting  clouds seemed to pause  for a rest over the water,  the feeling that I was seeing it, and experiencing it, for the first time touched my thoughts like a gentle breeze.