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Photo Challenge: Intersection of Fate and Choice

Not every intersection needs a traffic light


Every path but your own is the path of fate.  Keep on your own track then.

–Henry David Thoreau

Photo Challenge:  Corner  


the road less traveled by

Kensington Park, Michigan

I spotted a local commuter just around the bend.


Photo Challenge: Summer Sunshine’s Invitation

The summer sunshine is inviting you to explore a woodland trail…

Huron National Forest, Michigan to

Photo Challenge:  Shiny


to listen to the whisper of a pristine brook

Corsair Creek

to contemplate the changes that time brings to Nature.

Photo Challenge: Light Shines in the Darkness

The light from above, streaming down through a forest canopy, will always stop me in my tracks and capture my attention.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

–John 1:5

A few words  apropos for a troubled time in the United States.

Photo Challenge:  Shiny 


au sable river, michigan

Huron National Forest, Michigan

Hartwick Pines State Park

Hartwick Pines, Michigan

Tacquahmenon State Park, Michigan

Photo Challenge: Water’s Texture Like Capricious Emotions


The texture  of water is no more constant than the spectrum of human emotions.   In a wild river, it can be rough and raucous.  While in a northern lake, its surface can reflect the summer sky as if the still water were a mirror.  And then there are those streams where water’s texture can evoke the whimsical on a warm afternoon.


Photo Challenge:  Texture    

Tacquahmenon River, Michigan

au sable river, michigan

Au Sable River, Michigan

Photo Challenge, Satisfaction: Watching the Seasons on Parade


The changing of the seasons is a satisfying perk  for Michigan natives, as these scenes from a nearby lake show.

Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower.

–Albert Camus


Photo Challenge:  Satisfaction  



newburgh lake, michigan

Newburgh Lake, Michigan