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Miracle of Snowflakes

She could not fathom the hexagonal miracle of snowflakes formed from clouds, crystallized fern and feather that tumble down to light on a coat sleeve, white stars melting even as they strike. How did such force and beauty come to be in something so small and fleeting and unknowable?”

Eowyn Ivey, The Snow Child

This weekend’s foot of  snow has given the Michigan landscape a white frosting, but the ephemeral nature of our weather ensures that its presence will be fleeting.  Before it disappears, come walk with me across an icy stream and  along  a woodland trail.

Kensington Park, Michigan

Calm Before the Snowstorm

Yesterday, before the big snowfall whistled in  from the West, I tramped among these lovely, nearby woods.   I met a deer clad in   winter gray for camouflage, but she couldn’t stay long enough to talk or even pose for a picture before throwing up her white tail and bounding off. Maybe next time. Today, this scene must be frosted with white chiffon.  I will visit  again and invite you to join me.

Fleming Creek, Michigan

Fleming Creek, Michigan