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Photo Challenge: Summer Sunshine’s Invitation

The summer sunshine is inviting you to explore a woodland trail…

Huron National Forest, Michigan to

Photo Challenge:  Shiny


to listen to the whisper of a pristine brook

Corsair Creek

to contemplate the changes that time brings to Nature.


Photo Challenge, Focus: White Swan, Green Lake


On a lazy summer afternoon, the breeze whispers across the lake that it is OK to let your focus fade and just let it be for an hour or two.


Photo Challenge:  Focus  


An Enduring Bond

Like millions of other Americans, I hit the road this 4th of July weekend in search of…and found this tranquil cove along the Au Sable River in northern Michigan.  When I was a boy, my grandfather would take me to this secluded locale on summer vacations.   I can still feel his presence during my re-visits.

Au Sable River, Michigan

Au Sable River, Michigan

Photo Challenge: Nostalgia Meets Expectation on the Cusp of Autumn

The glow of memories of summer warmth meets the expectation of crisp, colorful days around the next bend in the course of the seasons.

Photo Challenge:  State of Mind



Autumn arrives at Newburgh Lake, Michigan

Autumn arrives at Newburgh Lake, Michigan